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In response to popular demand we now offer a refill kit for our Hydro-herbs.  

So what do I get?

Inside each refill is everything that you find inside the original Hydro-herb kits plus a little bit more.  

1. Organic seeds, we will include two sachets of seeds that you can choose from any of the herbs in our range.

2. Capillary matting, inside the refill are two pieces of recyc;ed capillary matting to use in your kits.

3.  Two coir Jiffy tabs, as in the origibnal kit you will find two seperate Jiffy tabs made from eco friendly coir.

4. Clay pebbles (we got plenty). Inside is a reused bag that we have filled with pebbles that you can use to support the Jiffy tab and aid in root development.

5. Nutrient solution.  Each refill will come with two bottles of our nutrient solution.  These are larger than our original Hydro-herb solution bottles giving you 75% more than was present in our original kits.  The great news is the nutrient solution is still Vegan friendly and certified organic.  If we stick to the outlined method of using the solution there is more than enough for two full years of growing your herbs.

6. Instruction leaflet, We will of course include a copy of our instruction leaflet which we are happy to say now is printed on 100% recycled paper using a low bleach process.

As with our full Hydro-herb kits, we are very happy to be able to tell you that all of the parts of our kits are sourced within the UK,  

The photograph used is for illustrative purposes only it includes our entire kit. Please note that the cut bottle (top and lower half) and the cork lid/coaster is not included in our refill kit. In addition the nutrient solution in the image is not that which is included in our new refill kits, refill kits include our improved organic/vegan friendly solution which is much darker in colour.