Dill is usually seen as an annual herb when grown outside although indoors it can like coriander grow all year round. It reaches around 40cm in height but it’s light weight means it is happy in it Hydro-herb kit base and there should be no risk of it tipping over.

The fern like leaves offer an aromatic flavouring that goes very well with fish dishes, one such simple use is as an addition to tartar sauce further bringing out the taste of the fish.  Using dill as an addition to soups and pickles is another very popular activity in Eastern European areas as is its use in borscht.  As with most herbs its flavour wains rapidly after picking although freezing does help keep its flavour better than other storage methods.


Bottle Colour
  • Due to the vagaries of the post man, when we send your Hydro herb it will be given additional packaging and so may not appear as in the picture above, if you are presenting this as a gift you may wish to remove the extra packaging before giving the gift.



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