Recognised as a great source of flavinoids and antioxidants, including amongst others folic acid and vitamins C and A, parsley is a biennial plant that can grow all year round indoors.  It is a late germinator taking up to 4 weeks in some cases so don't be disheartened if it's runnng behind your other herb kits. Although flat parsley is favoured in the UK for outside growth (due to its hardy nature) the fact is nothing garnishes as well as curly parsley and as for taste concentration, well they taste the same to us.

Growing hydroponically means there's no mess and as the growth fluid is clearly visible in the lower part of the bottle it's very hard to run out without you noticing. There is enough fluid in the pack for at least a years growth and you can always buy some more to keep your garden growing once you've got the hydro' bug.

Curly Parsley

Bottle Colour
  • Due to the vagaries of the post man, when we send your Hydro herb it will be given additional packaging and so may not appear as in the picture above, if you are presenting this as a gift you may wish to remove the extra packaging before giving the gift.



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