Proving to be possibly our most asked for addition to the family, despite the presence of its Curly leaved brethren is Flat Parsley, clearly a fresh herb that is enjoyed by a very large number of people.  Parsley is in the wild seen to show a two year growth cycle with it growing leafy in the first year ( roughly 30cm max height) and in the second showing a flowering stem (easy to identify due to it looking quite different and outgrowing its surrounding stems) , indoors it will grow all year round and if you nip out the flowering stem as it appears in the second year strong vegetative growth should follow.

Commonly used as a garnish on meals just like curly parsley, flat parsley is also often seen as part of a bouquet garni used in the preparation of stocks, sauces and soups.  Unlike other herbs cooking with parsley does not reduce its flavour profile, in fact it is enhanced by this process allowing its slightly bitter peppery tones to shine through.

Flat Parsley

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