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Each kit contains all the parts you need to grow your chosen herb from seed, just follow the instructions and within 7 to 10 days you'll notice the seeds begin to germinate.  Remember these plants need light to grow, more light equals more rapid growth ( you could also try giving them a few extra drops of nutrient solution to really give them some 'pep'.  Although the diffferent herbs grow at different rates within 7- 8 weeks given enough light you should find they are ready for you to pick some leaves off and use them in your cooking.  Continue like this and the plants should give you months of steady growth. There is enough solution to last you around two years.

We have done our absolute best to ensure that the Hydro-herb kits we sell are as environmentally sound as we can make them.  We source our parts carefully trying to ensure that we have as small a carbon footprint as we can.  All of the parts in our kit are either recycled and recyclable or entirely biodegradable.  The wine bottles that form the largest part of our kit are obviously reused rather than recycled locally minimising any carbon production from melting the glass down or transport.  We use capillary matting that is recycled and the plastic bottles in our kit are also made from recycled plastic that may itself be recycled. The Jiffy Pellets that we use are made of coir (ground coconut husk) rather than peat, so that we are not contributing to the reduction of peat bogs. The cork lid/place mat comes from renewable sources in Europe as do the natural rubber band. The terracotta pebbles used in the kit along with the cork and natural rubber band are all biodegradable.  We have genuinely done all that we can to ensure the manufacture of our Hydro-herb kits have as little environmental impact as is possible.