1. We have a 5 minute video on youtube designed to demonstrate how easy it can be to put your kit together. Please press on the following link to be taken there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Vx2yVxGhGU

2. How much water? A good tip for how much water to use is to look at the sticker on the front of your reservoir. There is a line between the name and description. Fill to about this level and you'll be fine.

3. When to start? All of the herbs are capable of growing all year round in your home.  However starting them from fresh in low light conditions is not ideal.  Like all plants the herbs rely on light  to provide them with energy for photosynthesis.  When young they have very small leaves further exacerbating the effects.  Again this effect is felt by some herbs more than others (coriander does not grow from seed well during winter months, while mint can grow well).


4. How long can I wait before using the kit?  Providing the kits are kept away from extreme temperatures they can be stored before use for up to 18 months.  


5. We have had reports from some people that after a great start it seems the plants wilted fast this is often due to the jiffy block not touching the capillary matting so it dries out or the capillary matting being pinched so that the solution is not free to move up it, try not to push down too hard on the block when setting up the kit.

6. The solution is marketed as being hard water tolerant, however in parts of the UK it seems we have very hard water to make up for this we recommend doubling the concentration of the fluid from four or five drops to eight or nine.  In fact in our experiments we have found that regardless of your water hardness increasing the concentration of the fluid a bit helps to increase growth and yield so feel free to experiment, don't worry the concentration would need to be 1000% stronger before it would impact the herbs in anyway.

7. "My Basil was doing great for a few weeks now the leaves seem to be going pale, this is happening from lower leaves and working its way up." Fear not, it seems that for some reason your basil isn't getting quite as much nitrogen as it might like. The simplest remedy is to pop 2 or 3 extra drops of nutrient into the reservoir, or you could try changing your water, often hard water can play a part in this issue.

8. Finally, should you have any questions or concerns that you'd like to discuss please do email me at info@hydro-herb.co.uk We aim to reply within a couple of hours and really do want to help.



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